Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中 ,tasty & perfect

Cooking might be among the earliest skills in the world. That doesn’t necessarily imply there aren’t any constraints to the information available to your chef curious about enhancing her or his skills. Additionally the best cooks, also specialists, can discover recipes, methods as well as methods to increase their kitchen abilities, so lets try this Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中 recipe, so we still hope you want it.

  1. Ingredients of Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中

  2. Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中 step by step

Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中.

Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中

Cooking Tips

You will know that putting the proper oil from the skillet will keep food from sticking and burning. The oil will even give it a tasty taste. When cooking over high heat like saut矇ing and grilling, choose soy and vegetable oils. If you’re cooking on a low temperature or for making salads and sauces, try olive or coconut oil.

You can cook Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中 using 10 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中

  1. It’s 1 cup of Sushi Rice (uncooked).
  2. You need 1 of Onion.
  3. Prepare of Edamame.
  4. You need of Radishes (sliced).
  5. It’s of Cucumber (sliced).
  6. You need of Avocado (cubed).
  7. Prepare of Pickled Onions.
  8. You need of Shredded Coconut (optional).
  9. It’s 3-4 of Tuna Steaks (Fresh or Frozen).
  10. Prepare of Creamy Spicy Mayo/Aioli Sauce.

Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 中 step by step

  1. Cook sushi rice according to package directions. Saut矇 onion and add to rice (optional dash of soy sauce)..
  2. Marinate tuna steaks in some type of soy sauce marinade (30min or more). Heat 1 tablespoon of oil over medium heat and sear tuna on both sides until cooked and lightly charred (around 3-5min depending on size of tuna).
  3. Put rice in a bowl as a base, and top with edamame, radishes, cucumber, avocado, seared tuna, & pickled ginger. Add on some shredded coconut (or something crunchy), and drizzle on whatever creamy sauce you want! (here I used a buffalo aioli/mayo dressing).

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